There is a myth around facial treatments that they spoil your face. To be honest, it is far from reality. Dermal filler is a skin treatment that can make you look beautiful working on your problem areas. So, what are dermal fillers? Basically, these are gel-based treatments injected directly into your skin. These gels are designed to work on the problems beneath your skin including wrinkles, pigmentation etc.

Dermal treatments are also successful in contouring your face, creating volume, hydrating and revitalizing your skin. You might ask this very common question about dermal fillers treatment – how long does it last? To answer your question, one single treatment can last for 6 months to 2 years depending on your skin type and also the thickness of the product used.

If you are living in Birmingham, then you are quite lucky. The reason is that there are many good clinics that offer dermal fillers in Birmingham. With a little bit of research you can come across best clinics that can offer you this treatment. Many believe that any sort of treatment on your body is extremely painful. That’s not true.

This treatment doesn’t hurt too much. However, slight pain can be felt when your surgeon will inject the gel, and that is tolerable. You can certainly tolerate a little bit of pain thinking about the end result of this treatment. You will be looking more gorgeous than ever. Now isn’t that something worthy to bear the pain for?