Important things you didn’t know about health

wetA study suggests people who do not exercise regularly and the people who smoke regularly are in the same level of danger.

  1. People who regularly eat restaurant food and calorie rich food are doubling the risk of becoming obese.
  2. It sounds weird but it’s a fact that farting can reduce the high blood pressure and is considered good for health.
  3. Follow this, if a person laughs for 100 times in a day, it’s equal to a 15-minute vigorous cycling.
  4. Sitting for prolonged periods like 3 hours a day can reduce a person’s lifespan by two years.
  5. Cancer can be prevented up to 30% by simply avoiding alcohol, tobacco, physical activity and a healthy diet.6tyi
  6. Sleeping for less than 7 hours each night reduces your life expectation.
  7. A can of soda if taken regularly can increase the chances of getting diabetes by 22%.
  8. Caesar salads at the restaurant have more fattening ingredients than a hamburger.
  9. Before conceiving, a father’s diet plays a crucial role in his child’s health.
  10. Severe depression leads to increase in the ageing process biologically. So fight depression in any way possible. Laughter is the best treatment to fight depression.
  11. If you don’t complain about anything then you are at a risk of dying soon. Yes, a research suggests that people who keep complaining live longer. It helps release tension and increases the immunity and acts as a health booster.
  12. Currently 8.5% of the world population is suffering from diabetes. It’s twice the number as it was in 1980.
  13. People who read books tend to live almost 2 years longer than the ones who don’t read.df
  14. Exercising on an empty stomach in the morning for 30 minutes can increase your burn fat by 20%.
  15. Using contraceptive tablets is likely increases the chance of depression in women compared to the ones those who don’t.
  16. Six pack abs say nothing about a person’s strength, flexibility, or overall health level.
  17. If you are getting violent nightmares it’s an indication of brain disorders like Parkinsonism or dementia.
  18. People tend to live longer who eat spicy food.
  19. 1 in 10 adolescents in the U.S suffer from clinical depression.
  20. A study found, people who are internet freaks and who spend time on the internet for a long time will be affected be depression, loneliness and mentally not stable.huoi

What is more important to us than our own health? What else should we worry about? If you are not healthy you are not alive.  Health is the greatest gift to mankind. One should value and respect health and life. We won’t get another chance to cherish life, once we have lost it.

It is rightly said that “Prevention is the best cure”.

“A person is what he eats” -It’s not a day work. It’s going to take a while. Take small steps at a time to make them milestones. Learn about how to stay healthy and fight with all the diseases and negative vibes surrounding you. It’s all about the mindset, once you’ve decided to stay healthy and fit; there is no one to stop you.

Take the best care of yourself and your loved ones. Stay healthy stay happy.