How to Correctly Use the Bed Wetting Alarm for Your Child?

Many children have this problem of wetting the bed in the night. One of the safe cures to this problem is bed wetting alarm. This alarm helps in the effective treatment of this problem.

Proper use of this alarm assists your child to get up in the night to urinate in the toilet instead of wetting the bed. This will help you and your child to get the desired benefits by controlling the bladder issues.

List of instructions

Activating the alarm

Set up the alarm by feeding in the desired time. Activate it by touching the sensors using a wet finger. Once the wireless bedwetting alarms ring, one has to respond to the alarm quickly.

Avoid hurdles due to darkness

Make provision of placing a flashlight close to the bed. This will help your child to easily and quickly reach the bathroom without any difficulties. Wireless bedwetting alarms are the most effective and safe way to cure this problem in a permanent way – check out our more in-depth Malem bedwetting alarm review.

Self-awakening practice

It is important for your child to learn to wake up as soon as he feels the urge to urinate. In the beginning your child might not wake up listening to the buzzer sound. You need to help in waking him up and reach the toilet.

After a few days of time, you can teach him to “push the buzzer” himself when he senses the need to urinate. This will prevent urine leakage in the bed. Once done, teach him to switch off the buzzer.

Instructions to your child

You need to instruct your child to switch off the radio or television before going to bed. The bright flashlight or night light would assist your child to respond in a more effective way to a bedwetting alarm. Also, do enough of practice with your child, so that he can wake up before the buzzer switches off.

How long does the alarm need to be used?

One has to use the alarm every night for a month without noticing any bedwetting issue. You need to be patient and persistent throughout accomplishing this task.

How to buy the right alarm?

When buying a bedwetting alarm, you need to consider a few things as mentioned below.

  • An alarm should be comfortable when attached to your child
  • It should also be convenient to set up
  • It should immediately identify some amount of urine but not of sweat
  • It should be reliable in use
  • It should give the best performance
  • It should not get easily damage when dropped
  • Effortless cleaning
  • Should be within your budget
  • One should get technical assistance in case of any issue
  • It should not fall in place when your child turns on the bed
  • Wires should have sufficient length to be used by older children easily
  • Batteries should be easily available at any nearby store

Use of bed wetting alarm will ensure comfortable sleep by keeping the bed dry throughout the night. Following these above-mentioned instructions would help you make its best use and get rid of the problem in the best way.